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Choosing a burial plan is a very personal choice. Plum Creek Cemetery is dedicated to providing as many customized options as possible, including graveside and chapel services, and various plot and foundation sizes. We also feature burial services on Sunday and holidays.

Plum Creek Cemetery provides dependable and sensitive service to those who desire cremation. In an effort to provide all of the information necessary to make the decisions that suit your needs, Plum Creek Cemetery's cremation policies and pricing are listed below.

To complement Plum Creek Cemetery's abundant natural beauty, our Cemetery features a classic Chapel for use in tandem with burial and cremation services.


  • Cremation size 12" x 12"(dug by hand).

  • Use of Chapel with 15-minute service included in interment fee.


In addition, Plum Creek Cemetery honors the age-old tradition of graveside services. This offering can be used alongside burial and cremation.


  • Graveside services are no longer offered from November 1st to April 1st.

  • An additional $250 per hour fee will be charged for any interments entering the Cemetery after 2:00 p.m.


Plum Creek Cemetery permits one traditional burial and one cremation per plot, in accordance with the Plum Creek Cemetery policy, and proper documentation.




Chapel $1,700
Graveside $2,050



Chapel $875
Graveside $1,150

Chapel $2,200
Graveside $2,650

Sunday & Holidays 
Chapel $3,000
Graveside $3,400

Chapel $1,175
Graveside $1,525

Sunday & Holidays 
Chapel $1,875
Graveside $2,175

*Does not include lot/plot burial site prices.  Current price per burial plot is $1,700. In a few select areas of the Cemetery graves are $2,150.

Plum Creek Cemetery offers customized pre-need payment plans for those who may find it difficult to pay the full purchase price at once. Checks and credit cards accepted.  Plots are available throughout the entire Cemetery.

For a complete list of rules and regulations

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