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Plum Creek Cemetery is situated in the rolling hills of Pittsburgh's east hills, specifically in Plum, PA. Our history is evident in the well-established beauty of the land - the tall and shading trees, well-maintained grounds, copious landscaping, and overall abundance of land.

Plum Creek Cemetery takes great pride in the appearance and upkeep of our Cemetery. We realize that the passing of a loved one is an extremely difficult time, and while it never gets easy, feeling at peace with where your loved one is resting can provide some comfort. We understand this great responsibility.

In fact, Plum Creek Cemetery has set up a system that ensures funding for the perpetual upkeep of the Cemetery. Although the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania require that but 15% of the purchase price of lots in cemeteries be set aside to provide for the perpetual upkeep, Plum Creek Cemetery deposits 33.3% of the purchase price into a special Trust Fund. The income from this fund assures the continual upkeep of the Cemetery.

Cemetery grounds close daily at dusk.

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